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This is the SIN english mode. It was created to make the SIN exploration easier for English language users. But we can't (at the moment) make a full english service, so some pages (galeries) have the polish description.
English menu is smaller than polish - we've cut all positions that consist only polish teksts and aren't interesting for foreginers. We are going to make some texts and translations in future, but now - sorry.

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Graphic console activated.

Galeries upload's:
  Fantasy    19.12.2000   
  Stories    19.12.2000   
  Misc    29.12.2000   
  Manga's    15.04.2001   
  WinAMP Skin's    15.04.2001   
  Personal galeries 
  Arti    15.04.2001   
  Asuka    15.04.2001   
  Asuka Y    24.07.2001   
  Asurit    20.01.2001   
  Beryl&Asuka    22.02.2002   
  Haruka    19.12.2000   
  JenniSea    07.01.20002   

SIN Changes:
  07.01.2002   There is a new woman in gallery - JenniSea.
  02.12.2001   Anime Music Video added. New links - AMV. Little menu changes.
  15.06.2001   Links are now in english.
  05.06.2001   English mode added.

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